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    Spacious & Furnished Classroom

    Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School has spacious as well as furnished classroom for students. This helps students get comfortable in the learning environment as well as focus on the teachings.

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    Better Education Environment

    Students are facilited with one of the best education environment that is available. With green environmnet all around, Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School has made sure, that students are always fresh and undisturbed.

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    Find the Excellence within You!

    Not everyplace is good nor every place is bad. But finding the best one for you is a hard choice. So dont mistake yourself with others. Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School helps students Find the excellence withen them

Message from the Principal

message from principal

Welcome to Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School, Jaleshwar, Mahottari.

In the modern era, it has become necessary to keep up with the advancement in technology and it has equally become the role of the teachers to shape their students in a way that they can tackle the ever-changing nature of technological advancement. This will help the students compete in the international market in the future.

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Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha
Shree La Cha Mu Secondary School


  • Library

    The School has a huge number of books in the Library that the students are allowed to take to thier home for study purposes.

  • Computer Lab

    Well-equipped computer lab of the School facilitates enough computers for the students.

  • Science Lab

    School is equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab & Biology Lab for the Science practical demonstrations.

  • Cafeteria

    The School cafeteria serves healthy and fresh foods to students and staffs maintaning clealiness.

  • Electronics Lab

    For Electrical Sub-Engineering Students, School is equipped with Electronics Lab for demonstration and practise.

School Experience